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2015 Application and Information

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide A+ students enrolled in, or entering, the Kansas City (Missouri) Metropolitan Community College system, in pursuit of a two or four-year college degree in a field related to Leadership, Management and/or Community Service, with funding for books required by the curriculum.

Scholarship Amount: $500 ($250 per semester, for two semesters within one academic year beginning in the fall following presentation of award).  The scholarship award selection process is handled entirely by the Scholarship Advisory Committee of the Northland JC Foundation.  The NJCF will be responsible for notifying applicants as to their acceptance or denial of the scholarship, which will be awarded in May 2015.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student must:

  Have and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above

  Be enrolled with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester at a Kansas City Metropolitan Community College

  Include a current transcript with application and semester renewal.

Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed on a per semester basis.  Recipients must provide an official transcript within ten (10) days after the completion of each semester certifying the number of credit hours taken and the GPA maintained in order to qualify for additional semester funding, as well as, any changes to the original application (i.e. contact information, course of study, etc) and statement of intention for upcoming semester.  (If summer semester will be skipped, notification should be made to remain eligible for the following fall semester.)  The scholarship is NOT automatically renewable.  Qualifications and deadlines MUST be adhered to for consideration and are the responsibility of the applicant.  NOTE:  Only 2015 Northland JC Foundation Scholarship Application forms should be used (attachments are permitted).  Prior year’s forms should be destroyed

Recipients are expected to attend the Senior Honors/Awards Night of their school in May to receive scholarship.

Failure to meet deadlines will result in disqualification
· Applications for scholarships from 2015 graduating seniors attending high schools in the Park Hill and North Kansas City School districts MUST BE received by April 3, 2015.  Scholarship renewals MUST BE RECEIVED within ten days following the end of the semester.  ONLY renewals may be submitted via e-mail to NJC Foundation c/o DPagekcmo@aol.com.   


NOTE:  Completion of the accompanying scholarship application is entirely voluntary; however, failure to provide requested information / documentation or to meet eligibility requirements or deadlines may result in immediate disqualification for the NJCF Scholarship without consideration.  We are not responsible for late, damaged, lost or misdirected mail.  Adherence to ALL deadlines is the sole responsibility of the applicant

Please submit application and current transcript to:   Northland JC Foundation

Attn: Scholarships Committee

6300 N. Indiana Ave.

Gladstone, MO 64119

Note: Questions relating to this application should be referred to the NJCF President David G. Page, at (816) 436-1555 or


2015 Northland JC Foundation Scholarship Application

NOTE:  Completion of this application is entirely voluntary; however, failure to provide requested information / documentation or to meet eligibility requirements or deadlines may result in immediate disqualification for the NJCF Scholarship without consideration.



Name: ______________________________________     Nickname (if applicable):  _______________________

            (Last)                (First)                (Middle)

Date of Birth: ____________________     Social Security: _______________________     Gender: Male Female

                                                                                                                                         (Circle One)

Home Address:  __________________________________________________________________________________

(Street)                                                             (City)                            (State)              (Zip Code)

Home Phone:   ______________________________________       Cell Phone:  _________________________________

E-mail addresses:  ______________________________________________________________________________

Website or blog (such as My Space, Face Book, etc.):  ___________________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s):  _____________________________________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Address (if different from yours):  ___________________________________________________


School Name:  ___________________________________________________________________________________

School Address:  _________________________________________________________________________________

                    (Street)                              (City)                            (State)              (Zip Code)

Year of High School Graduation: Cumulative GPA: _______________         ACT/SAT score(s):  ________________
(Please attach transcript)             (Attach results of ACT/SAT tests if available)

College you will be attending: (If you are presently enrolled in college, please attach current transcript)

          Name:  ______________________________________________________________________________

          Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________

            (Street)                                  (City)                            (State)              (Zip Code)

Why do you want to attend this school?  _________________________________________________________


What is your intended field of study?  __________________________________________________________________

What do you hope to do with your education?  ___________________________________________________________




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List any organizations in which you have been a member or jobs in which you have been employed.  (Organizations may include academic, athletic, civic, religious or social groups.  Jobs may also include volunteer work or internships.)  BE SURE TO INCLUDE:  Number of years, positions or offices held. 


List any awards, honors or recognition received:  ___________________________________________________


Which of the above experiences (participation in a particular activity, leadership position or honor received) has been most important to you?  __________________________________________________________________________


Will you be utilizing the Missouri A+ program for your future education?      YES

Will you be applying for, or receiving any other forms of financial assistance in addition to the A+ program?  ___________

If yes, please list names and amounts:  _________________________________________________________________

What expenses, in addition to tuition, do you anticipate in the next two years of your intended education (include text books, lab fees, etc. and itemize if known)?  _____________________________________________________________

What percent of your college expenses, listed above, are you or your family paying for?  __________________________

Do you plan to work during the school year?  YES   NO   Full Time?   YES   NO   Part Time?  YES  NO  

Do you qualify for full or partial paid school lunch at this time?  YES   NO (If yes, specify which.)  FULL   PARTIAL

Page 2 of 3 2014 Northland JC Foundation Scholarship Application


Let us know anything that you believe makes you uniquely qualified to receive this scholarship?  (Keep in mind that the sponsor emphasizes interest in Leadership, Management and Community Service.)


I hereby confirm that all information provided on this application is true and correct and I understand that any false information automatically disqualifies me from eligibility.  I intend to continue my education in the Kansas City Metropolitan Community College system and understand that failure to do so may result in my disqualification even if I have already been awarded the scholarship.  I plan to attend my school’s Senior Awards/Honors Night barring extreme circumstances.  I authorize the Northland JC Foundation to use my name, age, school, educational goals, school/community involvement, photo or likeness, and any other information that I specifically authorize, in the media or for promotional purposes in perpetuity without additional compensation, and have access to my school records and accounts as related to this application and associated grants and fees.

Signature of Applicant    _________________________________________________          Date _________________

Printed name of Applicant   ______________________________________________           Age   ____________________

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